Do You Want To Build Power Pitcher Core Strength, Rotate Faster and Throw Harder?

Build A Fast Twitch Explosive Core

Baseball Pitchers, If you care about building super explosive core strength (like Big Time MLB Pitchers), you have found the right place.

In 8 weeks I will build your core to…

  • Increase your fast twitch muscle fibers
  • Rotate WAY faster (Explosive power on the pitcher’s mound)
  • And throw faster than you ever dreamed.

Your Power Potential Is In Your Core.

Today we will learn how to unlock your inner hidden potential and grow extra muscle to build a explosive core. This is essential to becoming a power pitcher. When your hips and core explode at a rapid speed, you will throw at a rapid speed.


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This is Craig Kimbrel. Did you know he throws the baseball 101 MPH? Yes really. It is incredible to watch. Turn on your TV to the Braves during the 9th inning. He will be the closer.

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This is Craig Kimbrel again. Doing hanging knee raises with his trainer. He is strengthening his lower abs and hips. This way, he can have an explosive core from the ground up.


Here is 2 Texas Rangers doing Medicine Ball Twist during spring training. They are growing their rotational core muscles.

Feb 23, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (13) practices during spring training work outs at Yankees Minor Leauge Complex. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here is A-rod holding a medicine ball over his head. I am not sure what he doing but it’s a funny picture.

Lets say he is about to core train?? Maybe…?

Check this out core training is not just for MLB pro baseball players…

drew brees med ball

This is Drew Brees exploding a medicine ball into a brick wall. What a stud.

Core training is everywhere! Are you doing it?


Lastly here is me, filming the complete core training videos for the Power Core Program. This program has 18 videos of the exact core moves I used to throw 95 MPH.

With pitcher specific, functional core training, you will grow powerful muscle that directly affects your fastball velocity. Pitcher specific core strength is the best kept secret in the MLB. As you can see, everyone is growing their core strength. This is why the big league MLB pros are “tapping in” to their full potential. And you can too, with the correct, specific core training.

Today you get exclusive access to all the core training that exploded my fastball to 95 MPH.


The Power Core Training Program

How To Build an Explosive Core

In 8 Weeks Learn The Exact Step – by – Step Core Training System That Boosted My Fastball To 95 MPH

Today you will learn how to…

  • Identify your weak spot in your core
  • Grow rotational power in your hips
  • Increase core flexibility and mobility
  • Explode from your lower half
  • And throw faster through a strong core

Weak Core Problem? Let’s Change It

I remember being young and trying to throw faster. I would throw long toss, lift weights and hope “One day this will pay off.” Progress was slow… Then I heard, “try core training” to throw faster. So I gave core training a try…

I started with sit-ups… And it didn’t help. I still struggled to see the consistent velocity gains. I wanted to train hard and work smart, but I didn’t know the right path.

I know painful feeling to really want elite pitcher velocity (93 MPH or faster), and not see your hard work increase the MPH numbers on the radar gun. It is frustrating and feels hopeless. You start to buy the old lie …. “Maybe you don’t have the God given ability?”

That’s rubbish… You can throw faster. And you will. Let’s get your core super strong.

You Need Functional Rotating Core Training

I went off and pitched on the division one level in College at UTSA (go Runners!). I soon discovered that rotating muscle groups can be trained in functional (Power Pitcher) movements. I discovered that you can still apply overload to these muscle groups. By using different functional positions and heavy medicine balls, you can identify your weak points and ascribe solutions for your core.

The Power Core Program teaches you step by step exactly how to train your core for elite pitcher velocity. This will increase your hip, oblique and abdominal strength and this program will grow your big pitching power muscle. My favorite type of strength is the tiny stabilization muscles throughout your core. You will learn to love these movements.

This program will make you a power pitcher that maintains balanced and has explosive power through your entire body.

If you are a pitcher training to throw faster, and you have reached a pitcher velocity plateau, this is the core training program for you.

pictures of videos

With Hundreds of Core Training Options, Why Choose These?

Above is a picture of me getting all these videos uploaded for you. I have tried all the core moves you can imagine. Let me save you the time, these are the best moves to immediately grow your pitcher velocity. And you need these workouts right away.

Because core training takes time to get strong, you cannot guess. You need to be very focused and very dialed in. This is what it takes. It wasn’t easy to put this program together, but it’s worth all the time and all the effort. I really really want to help my students achieve their goals as fast as possible.


You will be given 3 things in this course bundle. This will help you in your core training. And it’s SUPER easy to follow.

 1) Audio Clip: Power Core Training Philosophy – A 16 minute audio clip to explain the theory and solution behind core training and how you need to think in order to be successful at core training. Mind set it huge! So I make sure you get it right.

2)  Training  Calendar –  8 Week Power Core Training Calendar – Day to Day steps all in a calendar format. This calendar gives you the exact reps and sets every single day.

3) 18 Core Training Video Lessons – Learn exact instructions for these moves and how you can accomplish these explosive workouts with perfect form and safety. The video lessons make core training super simple. You will know exactly what to do.

An 8 Week System

In 8 weeks your core will completely change. There will be no turning back. You will have a complete change in how you balance, twist and explode. I guarantee your core will rotate very fast. Especially with the super-fast twitch training. You will be amazed at the difference this makes in your fastball.

Finish This Training – Add 2 MPH To Your Fastball

On the last day of week 8, you should have added 2 MPH to your fastball.


When you are trying to get recruited by Major League scouts, there is one thing they always have, a radar gun. They hold it up behind the catchers head and test your skills. They can measure a few things, and your velocity is super important.

But check this out…

Your velocity won’t show up magically when a scout gets there. Your velocity on the pitcher’s mound takes hard work and dedication waaaay before the radar gun.

Your future success takes hard work right now. You must understand, hard work today gets you ready for that one perfect moment when a scout sees you, writes down your name and then bingo, calls your name on draft day.

Here is a picture of me pitching 95 MPH in college


I came into the program throwing 86 MPH at max effort. I had to work really hard (especially at core training) and my junior year threw the baseball 95 MPH. I contended for awards like All American, Stopper of The Year and Conference MVP. We won 2 conference championships and I still have 2 big shiny rings. I made great friends and amazing memories.

But none of those days would be possible, if I didn’t train my core to be strong, fast and explosive.

Here is Exactly Where This Program

Will Help You Increase…

 Core Balance, Stability and Explosion

Balance, Stability and Explosion are the 3 primary benefits of a strong core.


  • Learn to core strength med ball exercises with your feet separated in the landing position
  • Learn to twist and use small muscles only pitchers need
  • Tighten your core at landing to increase your release point consistency


  • Learn to hold iso metric movements to wake up small core muscles
  • Learn how to fire small muscles throughout entire core movements
  • Grow new muscles to stabilize your entire core and pitching motion


  • Learn how to build strong hips and glutes so you can fire your hips for extra velocity
  • Learn how to grow and maintain flexibility in your oblique and lower back muscles so you can explode late in your throwing motion
  • Learn how to overload your functional explosive pitching muscles to grow them faster and stronger

Testimonials From My Students…

“Thanks so much for the great information. I am impressed with how you blend the science with your experience.”

“…I’ve definitely got faster recovery from workouts and more energy as well….Not only did I have absolutely NO pain or fatigue, I was throwing cheese in the high 80’s at least 3-4 mph faster than usual. Could not believe it. I’m a total believer.”

“I bought your full program and my 2 sons are doing well with it, once they have it down as a habit it will be better.I think in order to have a bit more stamina they need the strength training to go more innings. We love your program, we have tried Paul Reddick and a few others but this program rocks all portions of a pitcher from flexibility to work out tough.”

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Here is what I mean…

By the end of 8 weeks, if you do not feel your core completely change, this course is free.

By the end of 8 weeks, if you fastball does not go up 2 MPH, then this course is free

By the end of 8 weeks, if you do not love every second of this program, then the course is 100% free.

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I am not worried, you will love this training.

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